Thursday, April 2, 2009

A P Abdullakkutty - Tomorrow's Indian politician

I have heard very positive stories about this young man from people who have directly worked with him.

A P Abdullakkutty, to me, is a great prototype of what we want from an Indian politician. He, clearly, is a prototype of what the Indian politicians do not want among themselves - the CPIM has thrown him out of the party , and the UDF has taken him in only to relegate him to the sidelines.

Consider his views
- Believes bandhs are a waste of time and inconvenience
- Is religious, and clearly separates his political beliefs (communism) from his religious beliefs (Islam)
- Respects other religions equally as his, and recognizes the centrality of religion in Indian life, rather than belittling it
- Maximises benefits to public from his MP fund
- Is very pragmatic in identifying and copying the good work done by other leaders and not tying it inexorably with their "bad" side e.g. recognized the value of Narendra Modi's developmental efforts and was able to separate it out from his "Anti-muslim activities"
- Recognizes that the minority communities have been safe,have benefited the most and are at home in India
- Is erudite, articulate and grounded

Abdullakkutty, and not yuvraj, appears to me as the Avatar of a true Indian politician of tomorrow... the parties that have rejected and sidelined him are, by corollary, anti-national.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My days in Gujarat - 1

I have been travelling through Gujarat for the last 1 1/2 years. The only exposure I had had to Gujarat before was a brief stopover at Shahibaug area in Ahmedabad when I got abandoned by a tourbus en-route to Mumbai. My impression, then, was frankly unfavourable - the place seemed filthy.

Then Godhra happened, and then the post-Godhra riots. I was as appalled by what the English media portrayed was happening in Gujarat as you may have been. However, a small voice kept nagging me. NDTV had shown a report on TV the day the train burnt, where they had mentioned a Mrs Deshpande, a daily commuter, who was one of the victims. The report had also mentioned women and children getting killed. Suddenly, these reports never appeared anymore and the story that came out was about the coach being full of kar sevaks and their provoking local muslims etc - almost painting a picture that "they had it coming" . I was also hearing the same story from members of the NGO that I used to work with, who had come from Gujarat then. Little did I know that the truth was, in fact, this:

The scale of the conspiracy to malign Gujarat and its leadership is mindboggling, and everyone is involved - the Western Press, our friends across the border, our media, the grand old party...everyone. ....and think of those 58 poor souls who got burnt to a crisp - 27 of them were women, at least one of whom was 82 years old, and 10 were children. Think also of the 750 muslims and 250 Hindus that got killed in the vicious broth of violence brewed by the anti-national conspirators merely to "fix" their nationalist opponents in power.

It was when I started working in Gujarat and travelling all over the place when I realised that every one, EVERY ONE of the stories that came out in the english media, particularly TV, from 2002 to today was either exaggerated or was an outright lie.

Gujarat could not be more different from what you expect based on the stories that the media feeds you. I found Gujarat to be warm, prosperous and modern, showing no signs of the medieval communalism that the papers and TV characterised the state as having. I also found near-unanimous support for its Chief Minister cutting across communities and classes, and this in what was then the "weakest" area for the CM, Junagadh in Saurashtra. I actually saw people from all communities come to the streets and urge their neighbours to go vote - when I asked them why, they said that if people went and voted, the CM would win!!!

Amazingly, a friend whom I met recently in Delhi shared the exact same story with me, he and his family had been independently touring the state on holiday and came up with a palette of stories that completely reinforced what I learnt.

Folks, Gujarat is the standing proof of the sheer malicious strategy that is being foisted upon us by the current political-media complex. Please visit the state, talk to its people and learn the truth. Then form your own judgement.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Madam's Nano-me in Bengal

According to NewsX, Mamatadi today said that the Nano has not officially been launched, the few cars that are shown to public are merely an election stunt and have parts that were bought at malls! Perhaps her "hand"lers gave her the wrong script - one that she should have read out at the upcoming anti-FAW rally ;)

The pity behind all of this is that Buddha, who seemed to show some signs of rescuing the Communist movement from the evil grip of the Chinese, now has to go back to FAW for investment in Bengal. On the other hand, it would be pretty simple for FAW to start production, given that they just need to drive to the neighbourhood mall to buy parts and put together their product. See here

If Buddha loses out on this too, Mamatadi, with help of her "hand"lers, can even go to Pakistan and invite Habib Motors to invest in Bengal to build the Sitara

Having worked in the Tata group and observed them closely, I can safely claim that never has a business group done so much for the development of a nation. In an age where companies make money by externalising their losses and disrupting entire nations (See Chinese and Western mining companies in Africa), the Tatas have contributed so much to every geography they have been to Large parts of formerly arid Saurashtra is now producing multiple crops due to Tata co-sponsored irrigation projects. Numerous institutes of fundamental research, social sciences, and arts have been funded by Tata trusts. Indeed, nearly 2/3rds of the holding company are owned by Charitable Trusts, thus making the group inherently aligned to building the nation.

Tata companies are mini-Indias, with people from all parts of the country and now, the world, working across geographies. In fact, Tatas have contributed as much to national integration as the steel frame of the Indian Administrative Service put together by that other great Gujarati, Sardar Patel.

Yet, the Tatas have always been treated with distrust and even disdain by the political class, especially India's first family. Read "Beyond the Last Blue Mountain", JRDs biography, to understand how Chachaji brushed aside JRDs repeated and prophetic warnings about the airline industry. The same book also shows how beti rudely snatched away JRD's dream project, Air India, from him and ran it to the ground. Now, RNT's victimization by Mamatadi - of course, no one in public talks about the hidden "hand", now incidentally a "foreign hand", but RNT himself, who normally displays the stoicism of Rama, in a moment overwrought with emotion, burst out at not just the mini-me in Bengal, nay, the nano-me in Bengal, but also the nefarious puppetry of the hidden "hand" during the pullout days.

One wishes this modern day Rama made a public statement today, not only against the Kaikeyi who threw him out of his home in Eastern India, but also against the Kooni who whispered in Kaikeyi's ear. That would be timely education for the masses as they go to vote. But then, RNT has JRD's blood coursing through his veins, he would never do that. One hopes the Tata Trust, that is so transparent in its political contributions, does not give a paisa to the Danavas ruling the nation and declares the reasons in public.

Links of sites that have the Nation's Interest at heart

For all those remnant patriots who are deeply concerned about the fate of our nation, fear not. You are not alone. There are many such conscious souls who reverberate with robust nationalism, and put national interests well above those of narrow sectarian ones. I am enclosing here a set of links, of very important sites that radiate the new spirit of our robust civilization. These sites have been battling the 5th columnists in our English media for several years now, and are slowly, but surely winning. Happy reading, folks:

Please add more relevant links in the comments section. Let the tribe of the new generation of freedom fighters grow! Let us build a strong India!!

Commonwealth- What's so common?

There is a lot of buzz around the Commonwealth Games and whether they should be held in Delhi given the current environment and so on. This triggered a thought in me.

The term Commonwealth has always intrigued me. What is so common about the Commonwealth? Did Britain not suck the lifeblood out of its dominions and in fact, misappropriate their wealth for their misuse? What locus standi do the British have to create a common body of their former victims, put themselves at the drivers seat, call it the Commonwealth, as if the combined wealth of this body of victims is still “common” and therefore, accessible to the empire? Is this not Imperialism 2.0?

Why, on Earth, are the victims of British imperialist fascism still hanging on to the notion of Commonwealth? It is their wealth, dammit, that Britain is wrongly parading as its own, by creating a facade of commonality. If these victims had any sense, they’d
a) Ask Britain and the United Kingdom to leave the Commonwealth
b) Rename what remains as , I don’t know, the “Organization of Nation States Oppressed and Victimised by British Imperialism”
c) Demand return of misappropriated wealth from Britain with interest, and due compensation for all lives lost in the quest for independence of these nations.

But no, these nations choose to play it along, and the rump Imperialist power continues to play pied piper, sponging off its ill-gotten gains. Strange are the ways of the world.

A disease to be eradicated...

As I scanned the water, I saw this little mass - a piece of faeces in a poorly flushed toilet. The noxious germs that dwell on this faeces are a unique species of parasite.

These parasites have historically nourished themselves by travelling through the water and landing upon fertile, well fed and well nourished People. Having landed there, they infect the most vulnerable cells of these People with vicious toxins. The cells turn malignant and attack their neighbours. The parasites then switch their attention to the neighbours and infect them with a more powerful toxin, which turns these neighbours into virulent fighters as well. All the while, these parasites are feeding off the fat stored in all these cells.

For centuries, organ after organ, body after body has been infected by these parasites. Eventually, after these bodies had been turned to skin, bones and diseased cells, these parasites realized that the effort required to consume the remaining flesh would suck more energy from them than was generated by eating these starving bodies.

Hence, the parasites chose to return to their piece of faeces, making sure to carry with them the fat sucked out of their victims. This fat will be stored with them for generations to come – and lent back to the starving victims for their survival, in return for even more fat to be extorted whenever these victims put on some flesh by dint of hard work.

Ingeniously, these parasites mutate the DNA of the bodies they attack, particularly the brain cell, and reprogram the victim bodies into following a behaviour, wherein they voluntarily cut the flesh off their own bodies whenever they regrow them a bit and hand them over to these parasites. They also leave behind large malignancies on the victim’s bodies, that can be activated at any point in time to gouge flesh from the victims.

62 years after the parasites left my body, I am so reprogrammed that I still believe the parasites did me a world of good. I still believe that I was an uncoordinated mass of cells that the parasites integrated into a being. I still believe that they built my network of arteries and veins to supply my vast body with oxygen, little realizing that they, in fact, had infected my network of arteries and veins and used my blood to carry away fat from the innards of my body. I believe that they built the rigid skeleton that unifies me, little realizing that this skeleton was, in fact, mine long before these parasites came, and is in fact, being operated by muscles that are driven by my own parasite infected brain, to act against my own free will.

These parasites ate into my cerebrum and thus destroyed all memory of what I looked like and behaved like in the past. As a result of this, I do not even remember my gloriously handsome, muscular body, the sheer wisdom that I exuded in the past and the deep, philosophical meaning behind many of my actions. I am made to feel ashamed of some of my movements, as I cannot explain them anymore, and they seem odd, in contrast to the actions of other seemingly healthy beings. I cannot remember why I act the way I do. I cannot remember how I used to look in the past (Worse, I made the mistake of not having taken my own photograph in the past). Whatever glimmer of memory I have of my glorious past feats, I am programmed into believing that the parasites injections induced me to behave that way.

But 62 years on, my infected cells are dying. By the grace of the higher being, the new cells coming to life are remarkably strong and free from the malicious DNA. I am slowly starting to realize that I was in fact, the biggest source of food for this parasite, which would have long gone extinct if it had not fed off my well-nourished body. Soon, I will regrow my brain, and then my body. I will then surgically eliminate the malignancies that the parasite left behind on me. And then, I will flush the piece of faeces down the toilet for good….

Minorities "report" - Hindus speechless

Case No 1:
Quote: "He delivered a provocative speech at Moghulpura in 2003 which was published in the media, in which he allegedly talked about turning the Lal Darwaza are - which has a mixed populace - into a "green zone", or turning it predominantly Islamic"
Culprit: Akbaruddin Owaisi, Second son of Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi, and leader of the Majlis -e Ittehadul Muslimeen
Source: The Times of India, Thursday, August 16, 2007
Punishment accorded: "The police only lodged a petty case against the MLA as the complaint was based on media reports. "This was done only after the media raised a hue and cry over the issue," a police officer said. "

Case No 2:
Quote: "...while reacting to the demand for a separate ‘Harit Pradesh’ by the Rashtriya Lok Dal, reportedly had said that instead of creating a ‘Harit Pradesh’, a ‘Muslim Pradesh’ should be created carving out districts of western region of the state."
Culprit: Mohammad Azam Khan, Senior Minister, SP
Source: The Indian Express, July 29. 2006
Action taken: None

Case No 3:
Quote: "We will have to devise innovative plans to ensure that minorities, particularly the Muslim minority, are empowered to share equitably the fruits of development. These must have the first claim on resources"
Culprit: Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India
Source: The Indian Express, December 9., 2006
Action taken: None

Now let us come to our case.
Quote: Agar kissi galat tatv ke aadmi ne, kisi Hindu pe haath uthaya ya hinduon ke upar yeh samajh key ki yeh kamzor hain, unke peeche koi nahi hai... hinduon ke upar haath uthaya, mein geeta ki kasam khake kehta hoon ki mein uss haath ko kaat daaloonga. (If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the (Bhagvad) Gita that I will cut off that hand
"Culprit": Varun Gandhi (For the record, half Sikh, 25% Parsi and 25% "Secular")
Source: All media outlets
Link: Unnecessary
Action taken: Instant censure by the EC, tarring and feathering by all media, cases registered everywhere

Welcome to the New India! We follow the same rules that countries like Malaysia do, we openly discriminate against Hindus and pamper every random joe who spews vitriol against them.

The clear message I draw from these is the following: If anyone defends Hindus from being preyed upon by barbaric invaders, he will be punished so badly, even destroyed, by the "secular" parties. If minorities, many of whom are ideologically aligned with these invaders, however, lay claim to Hindu resources, they can happily loot. Essentially, any minority member can come into my house, throw me out or murder me, and can take away all my property and family members for personal use, and my government will support the minority leader.

So, who are the real "Fascists" in India? Will some one from the secularists stand up and clarify?