Thursday, April 2, 2009

A P Abdullakkutty - Tomorrow's Indian politician

I have heard very positive stories about this young man from people who have directly worked with him.

A P Abdullakkutty, to me, is a great prototype of what we want from an Indian politician. He, clearly, is a prototype of what the Indian politicians do not want among themselves - the CPIM has thrown him out of the party , and the UDF has taken him in only to relegate him to the sidelines.

Consider his views
- Believes bandhs are a waste of time and inconvenience
- Is religious, and clearly separates his political beliefs (communism) from his religious beliefs (Islam)
- Respects other religions equally as his, and recognizes the centrality of religion in Indian life, rather than belittling it
- Maximises benefits to public from his MP fund
- Is very pragmatic in identifying and copying the good work done by other leaders and not tying it inexorably with their "bad" side e.g. recognized the value of Narendra Modi's developmental efforts and was able to separate it out from his "Anti-muslim activities"
- Recognizes that the minority communities have been safe,have benefited the most and are at home in India
- Is erudite, articulate and grounded

Abdullakkutty, and not yuvraj, appears to me as the Avatar of a true Indian politician of tomorrow... the parties that have rejected and sidelined him are, by corollary, anti-national.

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