Friday, March 27, 2009

A disease to be eradicated...

As I scanned the water, I saw this little mass - a piece of faeces in a poorly flushed toilet. The noxious germs that dwell on this faeces are a unique species of parasite.

These parasites have historically nourished themselves by travelling through the water and landing upon fertile, well fed and well nourished People. Having landed there, they infect the most vulnerable cells of these People with vicious toxins. The cells turn malignant and attack their neighbours. The parasites then switch their attention to the neighbours and infect them with a more powerful toxin, which turns these neighbours into virulent fighters as well. All the while, these parasites are feeding off the fat stored in all these cells.

For centuries, organ after organ, body after body has been infected by these parasites. Eventually, after these bodies had been turned to skin, bones and diseased cells, these parasites realized that the effort required to consume the remaining flesh would suck more energy from them than was generated by eating these starving bodies.

Hence, the parasites chose to return to their piece of faeces, making sure to carry with them the fat sucked out of their victims. This fat will be stored with them for generations to come – and lent back to the starving victims for their survival, in return for even more fat to be extorted whenever these victims put on some flesh by dint of hard work.

Ingeniously, these parasites mutate the DNA of the bodies they attack, particularly the brain cell, and reprogram the victim bodies into following a behaviour, wherein they voluntarily cut the flesh off their own bodies whenever they regrow them a bit and hand them over to these parasites. They also leave behind large malignancies on the victim’s bodies, that can be activated at any point in time to gouge flesh from the victims.

62 years after the parasites left my body, I am so reprogrammed that I still believe the parasites did me a world of good. I still believe that I was an uncoordinated mass of cells that the parasites integrated into a being. I still believe that they built my network of arteries and veins to supply my vast body with oxygen, little realizing that they, in fact, had infected my network of arteries and veins and used my blood to carry away fat from the innards of my body. I believe that they built the rigid skeleton that unifies me, little realizing that this skeleton was, in fact, mine long before these parasites came, and is in fact, being operated by muscles that are driven by my own parasite infected brain, to act against my own free will.

These parasites ate into my cerebrum and thus destroyed all memory of what I looked like and behaved like in the past. As a result of this, I do not even remember my gloriously handsome, muscular body, the sheer wisdom that I exuded in the past and the deep, philosophical meaning behind many of my actions. I am made to feel ashamed of some of my movements, as I cannot explain them anymore, and they seem odd, in contrast to the actions of other seemingly healthy beings. I cannot remember why I act the way I do. I cannot remember how I used to look in the past (Worse, I made the mistake of not having taken my own photograph in the past). Whatever glimmer of memory I have of my glorious past feats, I am programmed into believing that the parasites injections induced me to behave that way.

But 62 years on, my infected cells are dying. By the grace of the higher being, the new cells coming to life are remarkably strong and free from the malicious DNA. I am slowly starting to realize that I was in fact, the biggest source of food for this parasite, which would have long gone extinct if it had not fed off my well-nourished body. Soon, I will regrow my brain, and then my body. I will then surgically eliminate the malignancies that the parasite left behind on me. And then, I will flush the piece of faeces down the toilet for good….

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