Friday, March 27, 2009

Twisted Humor!

How would you like it if you woke up one fine morning and found a 67 foot tall statue of some random Brit-American in front of your beachside house? What if, to your agitated enquiry, someone told you that it was put up for a film set, and by the way, it is going to stay for ever after that? Alternatively, imagine what the reaction would be if someone put up a 67 foot tall statue of Tenali Rama in front of the Masjid at Mecca or at Vatican Square? Would the pious followers that worship there doff their hats in appreciation of the great wit, or would they do a Bamiyan, alleging "Hindu fundamentalist assault on peaceful Islam/ Christism", "Islam/ Christism in Danger" etc?

The original controversy regarding Charlie Chaplin's statue in Mangalore's beaches is clearly stated in Hindustan Times here:

Clearly as per the above article, the so called controversy came up because the Director of the movie had decided to put up the statue without any official clearances, and without checking the convenience of the villagers. This, and the perfectly legitimate objection that the statue was coming up in a place where it was blocking the entrance to the local temple.

And now look how the wonderful media has twisted the story now:

Suddenly, this has become a "Christian" controversy, with "Hindoo Fundoos" crawling out of the woodwork! Shame, Shame on the media for selling their souls and their civilization for money. This destructive force unleashed upon India through the airwaves must be destroyed, nay, atomised, for peace to prevail in this nation. It is time some of these arrogant, completely unaccountable blackguards were made such an example of, that the rest of these 5th columnists tremble even when the breath of a true Indian brushes by them.

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