Sunday, March 22, 2009

Indian Pathetic Losers!

The IPL has moved out of India. Pervez Mian will rejoice, equal equal comes to the fore yet again! Javedbhai will, fresh from sharing a cocktail with his sambandhi, the real Bhai, preen in front of the deadly Dutt and her cameraman - see I told you India is as bad as Pakistan in security, they cant even hold a domestic tournament in India!

The brash Lalit Modi needs to be clipped behind the ear for prioritising commercial interests over the nation's strategic posture. However, what can one say of the role played by the khaditopiwalla acolytes of the Delhitalian Dynasty! They just confirmed my hypothesis that they're really Pakis at heart - thinking nothing of cutting their own noses to spite their face!

In one stroke, they get to thumb their nose at the sugar baron from their "Nationalist" spinoff (As an aside, interesting that the sugar baron added the tag "Nationalist" - does this mean that the rump party that remains post his spinoff is antinational? Hmmm...) as well as the "Bharatiyas" - Lalit's proximity to the Rajmata of Rajasthan as well as Arun Jaitley's association with Indian cricket is well known. Who cares if India now gets ranked alongside Pakistan, a failed state of wild eyed beards and hooligans, on national security? Who cares if our IT contracts run away to Philippines because of security concerns? Mere bete ke liye gaddi tyaar hai na!

Or do the khadiwalas know something more? Do they actually know that a hollowed out security system, undertrained cops and an army mentally decimated due to systematic demotivation and humiliation by the antinationals running the government cannot stop the waves of beards that will wash ashore as soon as IPL starts off? Are they fully aware that all the actions that they have done to compromise national security in the last 5 years, perhaps as part of a long term plan to balkanise India into jagirs and take ownership of one jagir for each fatcat, have been completed, and they just want to hold off the process till post the election?

Anyways, folks, please be prepared, get your passport stamped with a US visa and wire your money out! A central government that cannot protect a maximum of 2 stadia and 4 teams a day will probably wear burqas and welcome the beards with aaratis (or whatever the beards' equivalent is) when they come across Wagah. You, my friends, are in line for beardhood, burqahood or deletion by slitting your necks, if you stay back then.

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