Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scumbag Millionaires

The man can't believe it! He walks away, shaking his head, thinking "I basically get a bunch of Indian actors to show Indians as brutal, eye-gouging, Muslim killing piles of shit, and look what I get.... A bunch of Oscars, a standing ovation from not only the West, but India dammit and Mega return on investments-who says India helps you make money only by outsourcing! Hey, maybe I'll go back and show more Hindoo shit..y'know, like how they drink their urine, toss their corpses into the same rivers they bathe in, spread cowshit on their floors and all that...who knows, may be they'll give me a Nobel Prize!"

The tanned, botoxed actress and her obese teenager son from her previous relationship drive away in their Ferrari convertible towards Orange County. The kid squirts mustard on his pants, belches and says "Hey Mom, you saw how gross these Indian guys are? I mean, like, swimming through their own shit to get an actor's autograph?...I mean, yeah, likem, y'know, I'd like to go there with you and see all these Indian jokers come swimming through shit to get your autographs!"

The ever oily, ever sneering millionaire lawyer spokesman of the Indian ruling party, inadvertantly blurts out the truth - "It was because of the atmosphere that our government created that a movie like Slumdog could be made"----How true - for 55 years these kleptocrats kept the poor poor, and the Muslims gypped...

The liberal elite glided into the elegant party in South Mumbai and yakked with the dimwitted Bollywood Star..."You know, you really made us proud by showing the true face of Dharavi, yaar... such filth and crooked people, you know, we must ask the commissioner to evict all of them and send them back, can't have such violent people so close to the airport! I'm tho going away to my place at Deira as soon as it gets ready, and my husband sorts out his stock market issues- can't stay in Mumbai anymore..log kya bolenge. How was it acting with Danny Boy? He's kinda cute, y'know. Accha, why did they not give the award to you but to some Pookutty Shookutty? Apne waale kisi ko aapne kyun use nahin kiya? And why did they use that kaamwali bai type girl and not our .... "

The Socialite activist meets the one book wonder in Lutyen's Delhi - "I should follow up soon with an LA tour ... a fundraiser for oppressed Muslims and all you know... this time, we should raise at least 10 million... our Sohna Road farm house needs to be refurbished. Why don't you come along? You can promote your book. I plan to meet our Pakistani friends also there at Laguna Beach, they have some, umm, contributions." "You know, we must next promote the idea of breaking India up into a billion independent nations... ever since I became a one person nation, I have experienced this sense of liberty.. "

Post Script: The one nice thing about this whole sordid tale is the simple speech by Resul, where he refers to India as the civilization that gave the universal sound "Om", and dedicated his award to the Nation... he made us proud as Indians, on a stage where people were basically throwing shit at us... and for the kind attention of the liberal P-secs, we know and don't care about what his religion is.

PPS : Rahman's comment was interesting "All through my life, I had a choice between hatred and love ... I chose love and here I am" A message for his adopted brotherhood perhaps?

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  1. you are angry I suppose . But take time to ponder are these things some ones fabrication or happened somewhere sometime .