Friday, March 27, 2009

Yankee Doodle Dandy talks about Gandee!

Now looky here!

We have an American, of all people, dictating to our Government to spend less on war and more on alleviating poverty, pushing non-violence etc, and holding Gandhi's trinkets as ransom... and our media promptly starts handwringing and looking guilty!

Well, Mr Otis, perhaps you should be doing some navel gazing before pontificating on what we need to be doing. You know, you guys didn't exactly go to Iraq to grow flowers and teach Iraqi children good habits, did you?

Perhaps you should dust up your books and understand how your CIA is singularly responsible for India spending "20% of its budget on defence and 3% on its poor" as you choose to put it. You'll also realise how your government's policy of propping up raghead dictators while peddling democracy on the side to the third world, is the reason people get blown up in every other country in the world, and you have to wear your bullet proof jacket.

In an case, what is your locus standi even as an individual to comment on a 10000 year old civilization? Someone who rifles through garbage and steals junk, suddenly discovers a gem in the dust and makes big money off it has no business preaching to the world's largest democracy how to spend its money.

In any case, it appears that Dr Vijay Mallya has thrown the requisite alms in your face and asked you to scram.

I guess that's why you are grovelling appropriately now.

Once you get rid of your acne and decide to become an adult, come over to India and we'll teach you what it means to be a great nation.... and oh, bring your bullet-proof jacket along, CIA's bearded pets across the border often come to hunt here!

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