Friday, March 27, 2009

Madam's Nano-me in Bengal

According to NewsX, Mamatadi today said that the Nano has not officially been launched, the few cars that are shown to public are merely an election stunt and have parts that were bought at malls! Perhaps her "hand"lers gave her the wrong script - one that she should have read out at the upcoming anti-FAW rally ;)

The pity behind all of this is that Buddha, who seemed to show some signs of rescuing the Communist movement from the evil grip of the Chinese, now has to go back to FAW for investment in Bengal. On the other hand, it would be pretty simple for FAW to start production, given that they just need to drive to the neighbourhood mall to buy parts and put together their product. See here

If Buddha loses out on this too, Mamatadi, with help of her "hand"lers, can even go to Pakistan and invite Habib Motors to invest in Bengal to build the Sitara

Having worked in the Tata group and observed them closely, I can safely claim that never has a business group done so much for the development of a nation. In an age where companies make money by externalising their losses and disrupting entire nations (See Chinese and Western mining companies in Africa), the Tatas have contributed so much to every geography they have been to Large parts of formerly arid Saurashtra is now producing multiple crops due to Tata co-sponsored irrigation projects. Numerous institutes of fundamental research, social sciences, and arts have been funded by Tata trusts. Indeed, nearly 2/3rds of the holding company are owned by Charitable Trusts, thus making the group inherently aligned to building the nation.

Tata companies are mini-Indias, with people from all parts of the country and now, the world, working across geographies. In fact, Tatas have contributed as much to national integration as the steel frame of the Indian Administrative Service put together by that other great Gujarati, Sardar Patel.

Yet, the Tatas have always been treated with distrust and even disdain by the political class, especially India's first family. Read "Beyond the Last Blue Mountain", JRDs biography, to understand how Chachaji brushed aside JRDs repeated and prophetic warnings about the airline industry. The same book also shows how beti rudely snatched away JRD's dream project, Air India, from him and ran it to the ground. Now, RNT's victimization by Mamatadi - of course, no one in public talks about the hidden "hand", now incidentally a "foreign hand", but RNT himself, who normally displays the stoicism of Rama, in a moment overwrought with emotion, burst out at not just the mini-me in Bengal, nay, the nano-me in Bengal, but also the nefarious puppetry of the hidden "hand" during the pullout days.

One wishes this modern day Rama made a public statement today, not only against the Kaikeyi who threw him out of his home in Eastern India, but also against the Kooni who whispered in Kaikeyi's ear. That would be timely education for the masses as they go to vote. But then, RNT has JRD's blood coursing through his veins, he would never do that. One hopes the Tata Trust, that is so transparent in its political contributions, does not give a paisa to the Danavas ruling the nation and declares the reasons in public.

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